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Obtaining NEXUS with a Criminal Record

NEXUS provides useful benefits to frequent travelers, such as self-serve kiosks at multiple Canadian international airports, dedicated lanes at land border crossings, and the ability to report entry by phone to a Telephone Reporting Centre when travelling into the U.S. by sea. NEXUS is a joint initiative between the governments of the United States and…

Tourist Visa

How a Criminal Record Can Prevent You from Traveling

Having a criminal record can present a host of obstacles in your everyday life, from affecting your employment opportunities to jeopardizing plans for Canadian immigration and permanent residency status. A criminal record can also prevent you from being able to travel throughout the world. There are a number of international destinations that won’t admit people…

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Recent Changes in Criminal Pardons Legislation

An article was recently released through the CBC stating that the federal government is going to court to defend a highly controversial change to the criminal pardons system, which originates from the previous Conservative government: the waiting period for pardon eligibility after a conviction of an indictable offense changed from 5 years to 10 years….

Criminal Record When Applying for a canada passport

Obtaining A Passport With A Criminal Record

Pardon Applications of Canada explores answers to common questions regarding obtaining a passport with a criminal record. The majority of Canadians automatically assume that once they have a criminal record they also cannot obtain a passport.  While a criminal record can certainly pose an obstacle in many ways, this is not entirely true. Do I…

Pardon Professional License

How a Pardon can help with Obtaining a Professional License or Permit

Working in certain businesses and trades or operating in a specific profession often requires obtaining a license or permit. The License & Permit Issuing Office in your city issues licenses, which are often governed by city bylaws. Some licenses also operate at the provincial and federal levels as well. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of…


How a Criminal Record can Affect Getting an Education

Criminal record checks don’t just apply to employment – they also happen when applying to educational institutions in some cases. Many Canadian colleges and universities require criminal background checks upon entry to specific fields of study, as many programs offer practicum courses which involve working closely with the public, vulnerable persons and sensitive tools or…

Pardon Sexual Offence Conviction

Getting a Pardon for a DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious charge in Canada. It counts as one of the two hybrid offences – meaning it can be charged as a summary conviction (a minor offence) or as an indictment or felony (a major offence). DUIs will stay on record if a pardon (record suspension) is not obtained, having…

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Steps to Ensure a Successful U.S. Entry Waiver

When it comes to traveling to the U.S. from Canada, many factors can influence a person’s successful entry at the border. For instance, if an individual is age 18 or older and has a criminal record that contains specific offences that indicate a threat to public safety, or if the person has a communicable disease,…

Criminal background checks - Record Suspension

Record Suspension (Pardon) Changes Incoming?

by Chris Curcione, Pardon & Waiver Officer with Pardon Applications of Canada   Canadian record suspensions (formerly known as pardons) are a longstanding privilege that may be granted to eligible individuals who possess criminal records in Canada. First implemented in the 1970s with the passing of the Criminal Records Act, the system makes it possible…

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Being Self-Employed with a Criminal Record

Being self-employed generally means choosing to work independently either by starting your own business or by doing contract and freelance work. While self-employment gives an individual a sense of personal autonomy and control over their work, in some situations it could still require a background check – and most of the time a background check…

Criminal Background Check

Which Careers Require a Criminal Record Search?

A criminal background check is a routine procedure that is carried out by several employers across a range of industries. The search can also include credit and financial status, driving records, civil litigation documents in regards to lawsuits and more. Which sectors carry out mandatory criminal background checks? A criminal background check is typically carried…

Immigration Law

Can a Pardon / Record Suspension Help with Deportation Orders?

Over 10,000 people are deported from Canada every year, whether voluntarily or by Immigration Canada. Visitors, permanent residents, asylum seekers and other non-citizens are prevented from re-entering the country even if their criminal conviction isn’t related to the deportation orders If deportation orders are brought against an individual because of a criminal record, obtaining a…

Pardon For Your DUI Improves Your Life

How Do Criminal Records Impact Work Authorizations in Canada?

A Canadian work permit is issued for foreign nationals who wish to work temporarily in Canada. It provides evidence that you have been authorized to work while in Canada and is usually only valid for a specific position, employer and length of time. An immigration officer may issue a work permit after Employment and Social…

Canadian Pardon Measurable Benefit Form

A Guide to Completing the Canadian Pardon Measurable Benefit Form

by Renee Robinson, Pardon & Waiver Officer with Pardon Applications of Canada Many people applying for a Canadian Pardon may question the best way to complete the Measurable Benefit/Sustained Rehabilitation Form. It is one of the most important forms in one’s application and it is important that it is completed accurately. This is the only…

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Criminal Records and Temporary Resident Permits

Temporary resident permits (TRP), formerly known as, Minister’s permits, allow a person who is otherwise inadmissible to Canada to enter the country for a specific reason and for a specific window of time. The applicant must demonstrate that there is a significant reason to enter Canada in order to obtain one. Once a person holds…

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Coaching a Sports Team with a Criminal Record

A criminal record can have a serious impact on your life, including jeopardizing your immigration status as well as your ability to travel to other countries. In addition to impeding employment and travel opportunities, having a criminal record can also inhibit other personal activities. For instance, a criminal background check is often required to coach…

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Application

Can a Non-Conviction Record Affect an Immigration Application?

A non-conviction record is a record of dismissed, discharged or withdrawn criminal charges. Having a non-conviction record can affect your immigration application, even if the charges were never brought to light. Obtaining a record suspension, also known as a pardon, can prevent a non-conviction record from interfering with your immigration status. Read on for more…

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Will a Criminal Record Affect Permanent Residence Status?

Permanent residency status is given to people who are lawfully permitted to live in Canada without being Canadian citizens. Someone who is in the country temporarily, like a student, is not considered a permanent resident. Permanent residents have the right to live and work anywhere in the country, receive social benefits, and apply for Canadian…

U.S. Entry Waiver

I Have a Pardon, Why Do I Need a U.S. Entry Waiver

by Chris Curcione, Pardon & Waiver Officer with Pardon Applications of Canada A Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension), is a decision made by the government to seal an individual’s criminal record.  It is a lengthy process that can take several months and a significant amount of legal work to complete. However, once a Canadian Pardon is…

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Getting a Pardon with a Sexual Offence Conviction

When you are granted a Canadian pardon or record suspension, your record is sealed from public visibility. It is important to note that a pardon does not eliminate your criminal charges, but instead separates them from your publically visible record. In the case of certain offences, a pardon will not be granted. For example, one…