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Pardon (Record Suspension) Filing Fee Increase

Effective 31-MAR-2020, the government of Canada is increasing their filing fee to submit a completed Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) application from $631 to $644.88 (a $13.88 increase). This increase is in accordance with the Service Fees Act, which requires departments that charge an application fee to increase their fees on an annual basis according to the…

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What the New Bill C-93 Means for Pardons

by Anisa Jama, A+ Accredited Pardon & U.S. Waiver Officer, Pardon Applications of Canada Following last autumns’ Cannabis Act, bill C-93 was officially passed by the Senate on June 19, 2019. It has received Royal Assent and will be coming into effect soon. This bill, initially proposed by Minister Ralph Goodale, will provide no-cost, expedited…

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Your Phone Does Not Belong to You at the U.S. Border

Crossing the Canada/U.S. border with your cell phone? Thousands do every day.  We carry our electronic devices with us like we wear our clothing. But did you know that cellphones are now categorized as “goods” by the United States?  This means U.S. border guards have authority to confiscate & search through your cell phone.  And…

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Landlords Modify Tenant Leases in Advance of Marijuana Legalization

Landlords across the country are preparing for the approaching legalization of marijuana by modifying their tenant and building leases. According to the Alberta Residential Tenancies Act, landlords have the right to decide who rents their apartments or homes in Alberta.  They are already entitled to restrict/allow pets and tobacco smoking — marijuana is no different. …

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Update on Canada’s Marijuana Legislation

Marijuana will now be officially legal in Canada as of October 17th, 2018. This date is delayed from the expected summer legalization, as provinces and territories requested additional time to implement their own systems. The Differences Between Provinces and Territories Bill C-45 legalizes marijuana use across Canada, but distribution is up to each individual province…

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Muhammad Ali Doesn’t Need a Pardon — But You Might

Recently, the Trump government has been issuing a series of pardons or commuting sentences for political figures and celebrities.  According to CNN, the President has pardoned four people and recently commuted the remainder of Alice Marie Johnson’s life sentence. Since then, President Trump has mentioned that he may pardon two more individuals: television personality Martha…

Ottawa Head Office Address Change

Pardon Applications of Canada, the A+ Accredited nationwide Pardon & U.S. Waiver application processing firm, has moved its Head Office in Ottawa, ON. PARDON APPLICATIONS OF CANADA CANADA Head Office 440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200 Ottawa, ON K1R 7X6 If you have received a return envelope or are mailing item(s) to Pardon Applications of Canada…

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Possible Fee Increase for Ottawa Volunteer Background Checks

The Ottawa Police Service are planning on charging volunteers for background check requests, which have been free since the Ottawa, Gloucester, and Nepean forces amalgamated in 1995. This is the only type of background check that remains free, with criminal record checks for employment purposes priced at $50 and vulnerable sector checks priced at $15….

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The Impact of Canada’s Marijuana Legalization on U.S. Border Entry

In September of 2018, Canada is due to pass the “Cannabis Act”, which seeks to legalize cannabis consumption and use. The Act aims to reduce organized crime and prevent Canadian youth from pre-maturely consuming cannabis by strictly regulating access. Many believe the legalization of marijuana will lead to entry issues for Canadians when crossing the…

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How to Handle a Background Check with a Criminal Record

The Society for Human Resource Management found that nine out of 10 employers conduct criminal background checks on applicants. This makes being hired with a criminal record a bit challenging, but it isn’t impossible. Employers do background checks to ensure that the nature of your criminal record does not relate to the type of job…


How a Pardon Can Help You

Whether you’ve had convictions or dismissed charges, your criminal record will negatively affect your life. The best way to handle this is to get a pardon, also called a record suspension, because it allows your criminal record to be separated from the public’s view so you can start anew.  There are many everyday circumstances that…

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British Columbia’s Preparations for Marijuana Legalization

Despite being a province that is open to marijuana use, British Columbia has begun preparing for its legalization—set out to be in effect later this year –by putting into place new marijuana regulations and a 90-day ban on impaired driving. Restrictions Individuals of 19 years of age and older will be allowed to possess up…

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RCMP Against Changes to the Criminal Background Checks System

According to CBC News, the RCMP has found fault with the criminal background checks and pardons system on account of the changes made by the Liberal government in 2016. These new changes have allowed people with “disturbing” records to apply to job sectors that are categorized as “vulnerable” because they relate to services that cater…

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Pardoning Marijuana Possession

Since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2015, approximately 2,000 people have been convicted of marijuana possession. Despite the forthcoming legalization, simply having marijuana is still a federal offence according to the Controlled Substances Act. With the legalization of marijuana scheduled to take effect summer of 2018, the question remains: what will become of those…

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Criminal record “sneaks up” on middle-age Canadians

Criminal record “sneaks up” on middle-age Canadians Canadians who get a standard background check for employment or volunteer work surprised to find lingering criminal record, says CEO of nationwide Pardon firm. OTTAWA, ON — Canadians who received an absolute or conditional discharge before July 24, 1992, shouldn’t be surprised to find a lingering criminal record…


7 Myths About Crossing Over to the U.S. with a Criminal Record

Pardon Applications of Canada explores some of the most common misconceptions about attempting to enter the United States with a criminal record. Over the last decade or so, Canadians have experienced stricter regulations when attempting to cross the United States border.  Things have become especially difficult for travelers who hold a criminal record. With the introduction…


Saving Money During the Pardon Application Process

A Pardon, now known as a Record Suspension, is within reach for most Canadians, but there is many common misconceptions with regards to the costs involved. If you have served your sentence, you deserve a chance to move on from your past. A Pardon allows you the opportunity to permanently seal your criminal record from…


How to Get a Pardon in Canada

If you’re living with the burden of a criminal record in Canada and want to know how to get a Pardon, this guide will cover the basics of the process, including: How to determine your eligibility The basic process for obtaining a pardon The costs associated with an application Being granted a Pardon removes the…


How Long Does it Take to Get a US Waiver — Pardon Applications

If you want to travel to the USA with a criminal record, obtaining a US Entry Waiver is the only way to ensure you will not be denied, detained or arrested at the border or airport. The detailed legal process can be daunting and involves multiple phases. Further, the United States Department of Homeland Security…


Pardon FAQ: What You Need to Know About Record Suspensions

Life with a criminal record is challenging. Finding steady employment, completing an education, and travelling abroad are made extremely difficult by having a criminal past. A Canadian Pardon (now known as a record suspension) gives those who have successfully rehabilitated a chance to move forward from the past and lead a fulfilling life.  Canadian Pardons…