Can I Apply for a Pardon Only, and Add the Waiver Down the Road?

Yes, you can apply for a Canadian Pardon, which is officially known as a Record Suspension, independently of a U.S. Waiver. The two processes are separate and cater to different aspects of your legal record. A Pardon effectively seals your criminal record from public visibility in Canada, which can benefit you in various ways such as employment within the country.

If you plan to travel to the United States, a U.S. Entry Waiver is necessary because the U.S. does not recognize a Canadian Pardon. This means that without a Waiver, the U.S. border officials can deny you entry based on your past conviction, regardless of whether you’ve received a Pardon in Canada.

You have the option to apply for the Waiver at any time after obtaining your Pardon, but it’s important to remember that obtaining a Pardon does not affect the U.S. Waiver process or its outcome. If you anticipate the need to travel to the U.S., you might want to consider starting the Waiver application process in due time, as it can be quite lengthy and detailed.

Does Pardon Applications of Canada Have Real Reviews?

Absolutely — real & earned.

Below are links to real client reviews testifying to PAC’s service and commitment success. The BBB verifies these reviews via communication with the reviewer.

PAC’s BBB  rating with the Better Business Bureau (Ottawa) & verified reviews a nationwide directory with real client reviews

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Is Pardon Applications of Canada Accredited with the BBB?

Pardon Applications of Canada is  Accredited BBB via the Better Business Bureau of Ottawa, with a 98% customer review rating.

Is Pardon Applications of Canada Good Value?

A typical applicant will save 40%-60% in legal fees by retaining Pardon Applications of Canada as opposed to a lawyer.  And most lawyers do not specialize in the Pardon and/or U.S. Waiver application process. PAC’s relationships with fingerprint, police & court facilities across Canada ensure the highest quality and most efficient application possible.

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Is Pardon Applications of Canada Legitimate?

Legitimate & real. Pardon Applications of Canada is an  BBB Accredited firm lead by dedicated Officers, Paralegals & Associates committed to the success of every application.  PAC utilizes RCMP Accredited fingerprints and adheres to the strict processing guidelines of both Canadian & U.S. governments.  But see for yourself by reviewing real PAC Client Reviews. Or Schedule a call for a no-obligation phone consultation today.

Why Should I Choose Pardon Applications of Canada?

Pardon Applications of Canada’s offers unmatched commitment to accuracy, support and communication.  Each applicant receives diligent updates via email and text (if authorized) in addition to personalized care and professionalism throughout the process. Priority and one-on-one support is also available for urgent or critical applications. Schedule a call and let’s get started today!

Is Pardon Applications of Canada the Government?

No.  In fact, there is no government body that completes the application process for a Pardon and/or U.S. Waiver. Think of PAC as similar to an accountant preparing a tax return before it is submitted to the government for their independent review & approval. PAC utilizes RCMP Accredited fingerprints, and complies with stringent guidelines for application processing set forth by both the Parole Board of Canada and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Who is Pardon Applications of Canada?

Pardon Applications of Canada (PAC) is the leading nationwide Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) and U.S. Entry Waiver (I-192) application completion firm.  Each year since 2011, Pardon Applications of Canada serves thousands of Canadians & residents by removing the stigma associated with a criminal record and securing travel freedom to the United States.  This can result in measurable benefits in this applicant’s life. You can speak with an Officer of Pardon Applications of Canada for no cost obligation by calling 866-383-9744. Officers serve only in your best interest and are not paid via commission.

Real Reviews of
Pardon Applications of Canada

Below is just a few real applicant reviews of Pardon Applications of Canada via BBB (Ottawa). Check it out for yourself and get PAC working for you today.