How PAC Works

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The process to obtain a Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) and/or U.S. Entry Waiver is not simply filling out paperwork.  To be successful, the application process requires numerous legal steps and accurate preparation of government documentation.

Pardon Applications of Canada works by completing the following legal aspects of your file:

  • Start-of-application education;
  • RCMP Fingerprint Instructions;
  • CPIC (fingerprint results) analysis;
  • Communication with court(s) related to your dispositions;
  • Subpoena of certified court documentation;
  • Communication with local police related to your previous charges (Pardon only);
  • Legal document preparation for Canada and United States governments;
  • Submission of Pardon application to Government of Canada;
  • Organization of entire Waiver application, ready for submission to U.S.

To start your Pardon and/or U.S. Waiver today, call 866-383-9744 or Apply Now.