Do I Have a Criminal Record?

With few exceptions, if you have ever been charged or convicted of a criminal offence in Canada, and have not received a Canadian Pardon (“Record Suspension”), you have a publicly visible Criminal Record.

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How Might My Criminal
Record Affect Me?

Your criminal record may affect you in a number of critical ways, including employment, ability to be bonded, travelling to the United States, volunteering, attending school programs, renting housing, adoption and more. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that offers the opportunity to obtain a Pardon and have a second chance at your record. Thus, there truly is no excuse for keeping your criminal record in Canada.

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Can I Clear My Criminal Record?

Assuming you meet the government of Canada’s eligibility requirements, as per the Criminal Records Act (CRA) of Canada (the criminal law which outlines the Canadian Pardon process, and much more), you can absolutely clear your criminal record from public visibility forever!

Actually, the correct terminology is that you will “seal” your criminal record from public visibility via the process of obtaining a Canadian Pardon (since 2012, formally known as a “Record Suspension”). Pardons in Canada are granted by the government to indicate that your criminal record has been separated from publicly visible criminal charges in the national criminal record database. When you receive a Pardon, no one can view your criminal record unless they get written permission from you or the Public Safety Minister of Canada. In essence, A Pardon gives you a fresh start at your criminal record.

Clear Your Criminal Record

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Pardon Applications of Canada

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