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Canadian Pardon Services


Pardon Applications of Canada (PAC) is a nationwide Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) and U.S. Waiver application completion firm. Each year, Pardon Applications of Canada serves thousands of Canadians with criminal records, opening the door to employment opportunities, travel freedom, peace of mind and more. Utilizing RCMP accredited fingerprints, PAC adheres to the strict government processing standards as mandated by the Parole Board of Canada and U.S. Department of Homeland Security to ensure each Canadian Pardon application achieves maximum opportunity for success.

Canadian Pardon Services
A Canadian Pardon can be a great way to open up new doors to opportunity. Getting a Pardon in Canada means your prior criminal convictions are sealed from public visibility. A Pardon can improve you employability, allow you to pass a criminal record check, travel with more confidence and even open doors to better education and financial opportunities.

Since 1970 more than 450,000 pardons have been granted in Canada with over 97% still enforced today. PAC is A+ BBB accredited and every application is processed by knowledgeable and dedicated officers.

Communication is at the heart of PAC’s unique client experience.  Every applicant receives diligent updates via email and dedicated Client Care support.

Communication is at the heart of PAC’s unique client experience. Every applicant receives dedicated Client Care support via updates through email, text, and/or phone. Learn more about Why Pac? is the right choice for those seeking to take this positive step in their life. The federal government made changes to the Criminal Records Act, including changing the name of a Canadian Pardon to “Record Suspension” and lengthening the eligibility period for certain offences before applying. Ensure you qualify first by contacting Pardon Applications of Canada.

Get a free email qualification report  or Email info@pardonapplications.ca or Call  1-866-362-1475 to get started today.

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