Where is Canada’s Most Dangerous City?


Where is Canada’s Most Dangerous City?

by Joel LaForest, Research Analyst with Pardon Applications of Canada

Oh, Canada… the True North strong and free! Indeed, our great northern nation of Canada is known as one of the safest countries in the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely free from crime and violence.

In fact, according to a recent 2020 study by Statistics Canada, all measures of the country’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) marked an increase for the 5th successive year. This is most notably due to a 20% increase in reports of uttered threats, a 46% increase in reports of child pornography, an 11% increase in reports of shoplifting of under $5,000, and an 8% increase in reports of mischief.

The Crime Severity Index tracks trends and changes in the severity of police-reported crime, including the amount of crime reported in certain jurisdictions and the relative severity of those crimes. Overall, less severe crimes are rated lower, while more severe crimes are ranked higher.

Still, this leaves us wondering: Where exactly is Canada’s worst hotspot for crime and violent offences?

Be Careful in Thompson, Manitoba

You’ll find Thompson, Manitoba, located about 653 km north of Winnipeg.

While you would probably suspect a small city in Manitoba’s northern reaches, with a population of no more than 14,000 citizens, to be quaint and peaceful, Thompson was recently ranked as the most violent city in Canada for the third year in a row. Thompson hit the number one spot mainly due to its high rate of violent crimes.

The Violent CSI for the city was rated at 570 in 2020, compared to the national city average of only 82.44. This number marks a 111% increase over the past five years.

Canada’s Overall Crime Severity Index (CSI)

While the figures make it one of Canada’s most violent cities, we should also note that Thompson came in second place in terms of its Overall Crime Severity Index rating. In this category, Thompson only scored a CSI of 366, compared to North Battleford, Saskatchewan, which holds first place with an Overall CSI of 385.

With that said, both cities scored nearly 5x higher than Canada’s overall average of only 75.01.

Thompson also ranked far higher than the national average in several other areas, such as:

  • Sexual CSI assault rates for Thompson came in at 339.32, compared to a national average of 75.89.
  • Firearm offences reached a CSI of 35.35, compared to the national average of 7.58.
  • Cocaine trafficking reached a staggering CSI of 1,095.72, compared to Canada’s average of 190.49.
  • Youth criminal activity in Thompson has a CSI of 445.36, compared to Canada’s average of 13.01.
  • Thompson also has a homicide CSI of 21.21, compared to the national average of only 1.76.

Canada Is Still One of the Safest Countries in the World

When you stack them up next to the national averages, the numbers from Thompson, Manitoba indeed are disturbingly high. But despite the high crime rates in this concentrated hotspot, Canada remains one of the safest places to live.

In fact, Canada made Forbes’ 2020 list of the top 10 safest countries in the world!

And that’s something any Canadian can be proud aboot!

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Joel LaForest is a Research Analyst with Pardon Applications of Canada and the owner of The Hobo Marketing Co., specializing in writing about law, finance, health, and wealth.

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