What Are My Chances of Being Pardoned?

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Obtaining a Pardon in Canada allows those with prior criminal convictions to seal their record from public access, and consequently open new doors in their lives. If you are eligible, complete all of the steps, and do in fact obtain a Pardon from the Canadian government, you will open more doors of opportunity.

That being said, obtaining a Pardon is a complicate process, and not everyone qualifies. To understand the chances of being pardoned, first learn about the prerequisites to eligibility.

Who is eligible for a Pardon?

If you have committed a crime in Canada, served all of your time, and taken care of all the additional legal obligations such as probation and fines (completed in full), then you are technically eligible to apply for a Pardon within 5-10 years after your offence, depending on the severity. Certain restrictions apply – if you have committed a sexual offence against a child for example, then you are not eligible.

What do I have to do from there?

If you satisfy these criteria, then you need to also demonstrate that you are of good character, and have not run into any legal trouble since your original transgression, whether it is traffic violations, drug charges, DUI, child support issues, or any other of a number of problems. If you are of good legal standing and demonstrate that you have been successfully rehabilitated, then your case can be reviewed.

So what are my chances?

The answer is complex because so many people who meet certain criteria don’t meet other requirements. Some crimes are not eligible to receive a pardon. It’s best to start by determining that you have met the requirements stated above.

If you do meet all of the eligibility requirements, are in good standing and of good character, demonstrating that you are a functioning, law-abiding member of society at large, then your chances of getting Pardoned are quite good.

Applying for a pardon is a complex and time consuming process. Not everyone qualifies, but if you have set your life on the right track, and are working toward righting your past wrongs, your chances of receiving a pardon might be higher than you think.

In the end, the benefits of a Pardon are well worth it. Fill out our online Pardon application qualification form and see if you meet the requirements.

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