The Benefits of a Pardon

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The Benefits of a Pardon

Getting a pardon can be a long and arduous process. In order to receive a full pardon, one needs to complete numerous forms, meet strict criteria, and sometimes wait for many years for everything to fall into place and be implemented.

Still, there is a reason that people do it. It’s worth it. Receiving a pardon removes certain obstacles that come with having a criminal record. With a pardon, you will receive new opportunities in education and employment, and get back on the path to being a fully contributing member of society.

What is a pardon?

A Canadian pardon helps individuals remove restrictions caused by their past transgressions. A pardon issued by the Canadian government will seal your record from public access.

The benefits of a pardon

  • Greater Employment Opportunities – Background checks are an inescapable practice in the employment world. If a company is looking to hire an employee, a criminal record will greatly reduce your chances of being hired as more and more companies look to ensure their liabilities are reduced and their employees are trustworthy. This is especially important in certain industries, such as those involving children.
  • Lifted Travel Restrictions – Having a criminal record may get in the way of your travel plans. Many countries do not allow those with criminal convictions to enter, and the discovery of one can result in denial of entry to the United States.
  • Greater Education Opportunities – Many universities conduct background checks before accepting applicants. While being accepted to a university is still common with a criminal record, studying a field that requires further on-the-job training will normally be denied to someone with one.
  • Obtaining Citizenship – An individual looking to obtain Canadian citizenship will likely be rejected if they have a criminal record. If you are looking to become a Canadian citizen, you must first get a pardon.

Having a criminal record can be a serious obstacle for anyone looking to advance in life. Obtaining a pardon for your past criminal convictions is the best way to open new doors of opportunity. If you are pardoned, you can find better employment and education, travel abroad, and potentially obtain Canadian citizenship.

For all of your questions about obtaining a Canadian pardon, contact the professionals at Pardon Applications of Canada and receive a free pardon qualification report by email.

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