How Getting a Pardon for Your DUI Improves Your Life

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Read this for more info about traveling to the USA with or without a pardon.A DUI offence in Canada can ruin your chances of employment, education, travel, and more. Find out how obtaining a pardon for your DUI conviction can open up doors you once thought were closed for good.

If you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence, you are no doubt dealing with stiff penalties that are likely to follow you for the rest of your life. Canada takes impaired driving seriously. After seeing record numbers in terms of police-reported incidents involving driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, recent statistics show a decline by nearly 5% since 2014.

Although driving after having consumed alcohol might not seem as severe as more violent crimes like assault, a conviction on your record is still that, a conviction, and it can impact everything from your chances of going back to school to your chances of getting a loan. However, the government of Canada offers you the opportunity at a fresh start for your criminal record.

A Pardon (now known as a “record suspension”) can open doors to opportunities you thought were lost, and, what’s even better is that DUI’s top the list of most pardoned offences in Canada. Here’s how getting a Pardon for a DUI can improve your life.

New Job Opportunities

The number one concern for those with a DUI conviction, especially younger people, is their chances of advancing in their careers. For many, a criminal record can put them at a major disadvantage before they even get a chance. Not only do most companies conduct background checks and pass over applicants with a record, many of them don’t allow for career advancement if you’ve already got a job with them. There are even some careers where a DUI conviction will outright bar you from being hired, namely:

-Law enforcement

It could even affect your chances of volunteering for causes you care about. Getting a Pardon could change your career opportunities, and with it, your chances of leading a happy and financially independent life.

Travel Opportunities

One of the harsh realities of a conviction is that you’ll find it difficult to travel abroad for as long as the offence is on your publicly visible record. While traveling to the USA is still possible, a border guard could refuse you entry. Depending on the severity of your infraction, the USA, Mexico, and other nations around the world may not grant you entry, and applying for a visa also becomes incredibly difficult.

Read this for more info about traveling to the USA with or without a pardon.

Renting a Home Is Easier

Although asking about a potential tenant’s criminal record is a bit of a legal grey area, there’s little doubt that it doesn’t help with the rental process. In fact, an article by caused quite a stir on the web when it advised landlords to screen everyone and ask about criminal records. Although your record cannot be viewed without your permission, landlords will most likely want to see one. And though they can’t refuse you solely on the grounds of refusing a background check, it can be awfully hard to prove that was the sole reason you were denied.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs comes with stiff fines, penalties, and perhaps even jail time, but the after effects reverberate long after you leave the courtroom. Your record can follow you for life and make it difficult to get a job, travel abroad, rent an apartment or home, and many other restrictions. Receiving a Pardon for your DUI is the first step toward having freedom in your life. Your first step toward getting a pardon is completing a free Pardon qualification test.

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