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Having a criminal record can make life very difficult. Limitations are set on those who commit crimes as deterrence against doing so, but after a person has been rehabilitated, it is time for them to re-enter society. A pardon is a tool that one can take advantage of in order to push their past aside and get back on the right path. Before we head down the road toward one, there are a few things we should get out of the way first.

How Does a Criminal Record Affect You?

Having a criminal record can make obtaining proper employment quite difficult, as most employers are wary of hiring someone who has a history of breaking the law. When you are pardoned, you will not turn up in a criminal record search, and therefor will be open to more job opportunities. The same goes for education. Your pardon will help you obtain certain educational benefits and attend schools much easier than if you still had the record.

What is a Pardon?

When you are pardoned, your criminal record is removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre. This means that when someone searches for you, they will not see that you have committed any crimes in the past. While it doesn’t mean the crime will be completely erased, or that you will automatically be guaranteed all privileges such as visas for other countries again, it will do a great deal of good for you, as it will remove an obstacle to finding employment.

Can I Apply?

Generally speaking, if you have been convicted of a crime in Canada and if you meet the eligibility requirements, you may apply for a Pardon. Exceptions come into play for certain severe offenses, however.

Getting a pardon is a major step toward rehabilitation, and can open up doorways that you didn’t think were possible. Getting better employment and education is a crucial step toward becoming a functioning member of society again. See if you qualify and begin the application process.

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