Does shoplifting stay on your record?

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People sometimes engage in things that they aren’t particularly proud of. One of these actions is shoplifting. While it may appear that pocketing a pack of gum is a harmless activity at the moment, getting caught can result in long-term consequences.

The seriousness of the offense is considered, just as it would with any other crime. If you, for example, impulsively steal a pack of gum, you will be treated differently from someone who goes into a store with the intent of stealing many expensive products. However, stealing is still theft, and it will almost certainly result in a conviction that will linger on your record, making it difficult for you to find work or rent a home.

In this post, we’ll go through both the long-term and short-term repercussions of shoplifting.

Short-Term Consequences

Shoplifting is a felony since it is considered a type of stealing. The ramifications of your stealing will be decided by the store where you stole; they will determine whether or not to file charges. If you are charged, you will be arrested, your fingerprints will be taken, and your criminal record will be permanently altered.

Even if you are found stealing the tiniest of items, such as a pack of gum, it is considered a summary conviction, and you might face a fine, jail, or both if you are charged with larceny under $5000.

Long-Term Consequences

If you are convicted of shoplifting, the conviction, fingerprints, and any other evidence related to the case will be permanently recorded on your criminal record. That implies that anybody who requests a criminal record check may see all of the information about the shoplifting. Even if you were not found guilty of shoplifting, the evidence would stay on your criminal record.

Only if you were a juvenile at the time of the charge would the shoplifting offense not be permanently removed from your record.

If you have any evidence of a shoplifting charge on your criminal record, whether you were convicted or not, you may be denied jobs or property rentals that require a criminal record check. In addition, you may be unable to go to the United States if you have a criminal record.

How to Have Convictions Removed?

criminal record can significantly impact your daily life, preventing you from doing many activities that you might otherwise be able to accomplish. Should one rash decision from your past haunt you for the rest of your life? It doesn’t have to, thankfully.

You may be eligible for a pardon if you have a criminal conviction on your record, it has been 5 years since the offense, and you have fulfilled your sentence in full, including any fines, jail time, or other court-mandated duties. A pardon expunges a conviction from your criminal record, allowing you to move past your sins.

Did You Get Arrested for Shoplifting?

If you are arrested for shoplifting, this will be a significant determining factor in whether or not you will have a criminal record. If you are a teen and are found stealing, the business owner will likely ban you for life and notify your parents. While this may appear to be a bad situation at the time, the owner is being gracious because calling the police at this time is legal. It will not appear on your criminal record if you are not arrested or issued a citation. What happens next depends on whether you are arrested or reported to the police.

Is It True That The Shoplifting Case Went To Court?

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, your case will undoubtedly be taken to court for a judgment on your penalty. It will not be on your permanent record if you are not found guilty of the charged offense in court. However, if you are convicted of the crime, it will remain on your record for the rest of your life.

Hire a Lawyer to Avoid Criminal Charges for Shoplifting

If you are caught stealing, and the store owner decides to issue a ticket or call the cops, you should immediately contact an attorney. A qualified lawyer can assist you in arguing your case in court and avoid any permanent marks on your record. In addition, experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Pardon Application of Canada in Canada can help you cleanse your name of any wrongdoing. Contact The Pardon Application of Canada immediately if you’re concerned about amassing a criminal record. Please give us a call at (866) 383-9744. Our live officers are available for you.

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