Some Common Misconceptions about Having a Criminal Record

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common misconceptions about having a criminal record

Having a criminal record is not going to make your life easy. Despite this, the important thing to keep in mind when you have one is that your life isn’t over. There are going to be hurdles that you need to jump through and obstacles to overcome, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t move on and be successful. Despite all of the information available, there are still some common misconceptions about having a criminal record. Let’s dispel some of them now to help give you a better perspective on this issue.

You won’t be able to get a job

Make no mistake – having a criminal record isn’t going to help get you a job, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it will be impossible to land one. Many people have had a blemish on their record, but still gone on to be successful at work. Although some positions will be barred, such as teacher or security guard, many will still be available to those with a criminal record in Canada. Generally speaking, employers will consider the amount of time since a conviction has passed, if it is job-related, and if it actually disqualifies you from being a good candidate. On top of that, there are many ex-offender support groups or re-entry resources available to you.

Your record is easily accessible to the public

If you have a criminal record, you probably want it kept private. Many people think that anyone can look up their name on a database and see that they are a convicted criminal. In reality, this is a very difficult process. There are strict privacy laws about this in Canada, and the only way to find out is through court documents. This is very labor intensive, and doesn’t usually yield results unless you are properly trained. Only two provinces, Quebec and British Columbia have an online database, but even then some things are withheld in those cases. In short, it is difficult for anyone to find out about your conviction.

Having a criminal record is not going to help you in life, but it is not going to end it either. Don’t let these common misconceptions about having a criminal record unfairly stop you from trying to move on with your life. If you have been convicted of a crime in Canada, you may be eligible for a Canadian pardon. Contact us for more information and get started today.

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