3 Awesome Things You Can Do After You’re Pardoned

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Pardon Benefits

by Chris Heringer, CEO of Pardon Applications of Canada

Most of the estimated 4.5 million Canadians with a criminal record understand the benefits of receiving a Canadian Pardon.

But let’s say you take that important step and get your Pardon.  Congratulations!
What now?

Here are 3 awesome things you can do AFTER you’re Pardoned.

1. Never Tell Anyone You Had a Criminal Record (Unless You Want To)

Receiving a Pardon, also known as a Record Suspension, means your criminal record is separated from publicly visible charges in Canada’s national criminal record database.  Once you’re Pardoned, absolutely no one – not police, employers, friends, family, organizations – has a right to know you used to have a criminal record.  In fact, if anyone were to do a background check on you after your Pardon, it will state that there’s no criminal record attached to your name.  Nothing short of your written authorization will disclose the fact that you’ve even been Pardoned.

Of course, many individuals are proud to receive a Pardon and choose to share their story with others close to them.  But that’s your option.

2. Apply for Jobs with Confidence

A potential new employer cannot legally ask, either verbally or in writing, whether you have or have had a criminal record.  The only question permitted on a job application or in an interview is whether you have a criminal record for which you have not been Pardoned.  Fortunately, since you have been Pardoned, you can honestly, legally and morally answer “No” to that question.

3. Say “Yes” To Volunteer at Your Daughter’s School Function

Your daughter comes home from class with a parent invitation to participate in a school function.  Without a Pardon, you’re in a tough spot.  Almost every school or community organization relating to children or a vulnerable sector will require a police clearance.  But after your Pardon, you can sign that invitation to volunteer and make your daughter proud.

And it’s the awesome things like that which make it all worthwhile.

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