What’s the Total Cost to Obtain a Canadian Pardon?

There are two separate costs for obtaining a Pardon. First, there’s the service fee to complete the Pardon application (like an accountant’s fee to complete your tax return). Then, there are legal disbursements (fees to courts, police & government). Let’s review both these costs.

The Pardon Applications of Canada service fee is a 12-month program for $80 or $920 in full ($40 discount), including all applicable taxes. This service fee covers the actual work completed by Pardon Applications of Canada including courts and police to complete your Pardon application, working with you to fulfill applicant responsibilities, and submitting your application to the government of Canada.  In addition to the service fee, there are legal disbursements required which can vary depending on the length and complexity of your criminal record and other factors. Lastly, the government of Canada itself charges $50.00 as a processing fee once the Pardon application is submitted to them. View more information on Pardon application fees.

Pardon Applications of Canada fully discloses all costs related to your application without hidden or surprising fees. In fact, each applicant receives a customized Criminal Record Disbursement Report (CDR) email outlining the exact costs, timeline & other details of their application.

Start by getting a live quote of your actual cost to obtain your Canadian Pardon by speaking with an Accredited Officer via Schedule a call. Officers do not work on commission and are available to serve only in your best interests with honesty, transparency, and knowledge.