How Long Will it Take to Get a Pardon?

From making the first call to Pardon Applications of Canada Schedule a call, you can expect a total timeline of approximately 10-14 months. Factors that can affect the total timeline include the length and complexity of your record, as well as the number of dispositions (locations) in which you were charged.

A Canadian Pardon application is not merely about filling out a few documents.  Each Pardon application must go through a specific ten (10) step legal process as specified by the Criminal Records Act in Canada.  If any one of these steps is completed incorrectly, or in the wrong timeline, your Pardon application can be delayed for a significant amount of time or even become void. Once your Pardon application has been completed by Pardon Applications of Canada, it is ready to be submitted to the Canadian government for their independent review and decision.  Although no one in Canada can expedite the government’s due diligence in this process, there are many ways to expedite the application processing beforehand.

Pardon Applications of Canada utilizes an innovative 24/7 processing system which means your Pardon application is completed with the most efficiency and accuracy possible.  In addition, Priority status and one-on-one support are available for urgent applications.

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