Can You Guarantee My Pardon Will be Approved?

It would be irresponsible for any individual, service, or organization in Canada to promise the guaranteed success of your application since it is only the Canadian government itself that ultimately makes the final decision on your application.  However, using an accredited Pardon application service like Pardon Applications of Canada will maximize your opportunity for success.

Since 1970, over 500,000 Canadians and/or residents of Canada have received a Pardon, with an application approval rate of over 92%.  In fact, more than 95% of all Pardons granted over the span of 50 years are still in effect today!

Each Pardon application is assessed by the Parole Board of Canada in accordance with the Criminal Records Act and several mitigating factors.  Each Pardon applicant (and his or her case) is reviewed to determine the effect on rehabilitation and any potential benefit to be gained from receiving a Pardon.  Depending on your offense(s), the Parole Board of Canada may also assess whether granting a Pardon would raise any questions about the fair administration of justice.

For your peace of mind, Pardon Applications of Canada does offer a money-back guarantee on its processing fee if your application is not approved.  Certain conditions do apply to the guarantee, including meeting the requirements for eligibility when your Pardon application is submitted to the Parole Board of Canada.  For example, between the time that you start your application and submit it, you cannot have been charged and/or convicted of any new offense.

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