Canadian Pardon Applications and Military Charges

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If an individual was once in the military or is still currently serving, a military conduct sheet must be submitted for consideration as part of a Canadian pardon application.

Military conduct records display both civil and criminal convictions along with any kind of military misconduct. Civilian convictions that occur within the military may not actually show up on an individual’s standard criminal record since they were not processed through civil courts. For this reason, a military conduct sheet is necessary for a pardon application to ensure that all information is transparent and accessible.

Criminal charges in civil courts are a matter of public record – meaning that the public will have access to a record of disciplinary proceedings which displays the set of offences of which an individual has been charged, the findings and any subsequent punishment awarded at the summary trial.

The National Parole Board takes this information into consideration when reviewing their final decision depending on the severity of the charges. To ensure that no information is missed, a military conduct sheet is necessary for a successful pardon application. If a pardon is granted, all mention of your conviction in respect of the pardoned offence will be removed from your personal records, including your Conduct Sheet.

Where to Get the Appropriate Documentation

If an individual is currently or was in the Canadian Armed Forces in the past, either as a regular member or in the Reserves, a certified, signed and dated copy of your military conduct sheet must be obtained in order to file a Canadian pardon application.

For regular members who left five years ago or less, you can obtain your form at the DMCARM 4 in Ottawa. If you left more than five years ago, you can get it from the Personnel Records Unit at the National Archives in Canada, also located in Ottawa.

For Reserves members who left three years ago or less, the form can be received from the last Commanding Officer of the last posting or Unit, while those who left more than three years ago, the military conduct sheet can be obtained at the Personnel Records Unit as well.

Information to Include

The following information should be included in your military conduct sheet:

  • The reason for requesting the conduct sheet must be included as for the purposes of a record suspension (pardon) application
  • The individual’s first and last name (at the time, in the case it has changed since)
  • Date of birth
  • Military ID number or Service Number
  • The individual’s signature
  • Enlistment and discharge dates

Important Considerations

In the absence of a conduct sheet, a letter from your Commanding Officer must be provided.

All correspondence from the Commanding Officer, the Department of National Defense and the National Archives must be included in the application. This includes signatures and authorization from every department.

It is important to note that the military conduct sheet is only valid from six months of the date it is issued.

If you’re looking to make a new start and re-integrate into society by applying for a Canadian pardon, remember to take into account any military service you have done.

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