How to Use Client Care Support

The Client Care Department of Pardon Applications of Canada responds to inquiries in the order they are received, with PRIORITY status inquiries responded first.  Typically, you can expect to receive a response via email within 24-72 business hours.  If Client Care deems it necessary, you may be contacted by phone.

It is important to learn how to effectively communicate with Client Care, otherwise, your inquiry may not be responded.


Using your active 6-digit Account Number, you have access to the following direct requests & services with Client Care:

Request a File Update
Submit General Inquiry
Update Contact Information
Update Payment Method
Make a Secure Payment
Upgrade to PRIORITY Status
Pardon Fingerprint Steps
U.S. Waiver Fingerprint Steps


You may email Client Care directly via [email protected].
Your email MUST include your full legal name, 6-digit Account Number, and your exact question/inquiry.

Example email:
ACCEPTED:   “Hi, this is JOHN SMITH #123456 requesting an Update on my file.  Thank you”.
ACCEPTED:   “Hi, this is BARB DOE #245632 requesting clarification on the SQ Kit I received.  I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.  Thank you.”

NOT ACCEPTED:   “Hi, can I please get an update?”.
NOT ACCEPTED:   “please call me back”


You may text Client Care directly via 613-703-1958. Do not call this number as it is for texting only. Texting is for brief confirmations or inquiries but not for conversations. To speak with an Officer, call LIVE support (see below).

Your text MUST include your full legal name, 6-digit Account Number, and your exact confirmation or inquiry

Example text:
ACCEPTED:   “Hi, this is JOHN SMITH #123456.  Confirming I mailed the documents back to PAC – thank you”.  
ACCEPTED:   “Hi, this is BARB DOE #245632 letting you know I’ve made an $80.00 payment via Bill Payment today – thank you”
NOT ACCEPTED:   “where are we at in this process?”.
NOT ACCEPTED:   “Hey it’s John Smith, msg me back please”.


Schedule a Call with Client Care to book up to fifteen (15) minutes with an Officer by phone. There is no cost for the call as long as you honour the appointment, otherwise a $12.50 charge for missed appointments is billed. Please have your 6-Digit Account Number ready when connected to an Officer.