How Long Will it Take to Get a U.S. Waiver?

From making the first call to Pardon Applications of Canada, to receiving your U.S. Entry Waiver document, you can expect a total timeline of 6-12 months. There are two distinct phases of a Waiver application process which define its overall timeline.

The 1st timeline stage is to properly process your application in accordance with the specifications set out by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This is the legal process that Pardon Applications of Canada assists or completes on your behalf to ensure your application meets every specification. Once completed, your Waiver application is submitted by you, in person, to a registered Homeland Security location (usually a border crossing or airport in your area) for their independent review and decision. This is the 2nd timeline stage of your application process.

There are 3 ways Pardon Applications of Canada expedites your U.S. Waiver application processing:  effective management of the legal process, efficient processing of the application once the process specifications are met, and obtaining quick solutions if questions or obstacles arise.  Pardon Applications of Canada is an industry leader in all three areas, which means your Waiver application is processed with the most efficiency and accuracy possible.  In addition, Priority status is available for urgent applications.

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