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Canadian Pardon & U.S. Waiver Application Services

Pardon Applications of Canada opens the door to employment opportunities, travel freedom, peace of mind and more.

As the national Canadian Pardon and U.S. Waiver application processing firm, Pardon Applications of Canada serves and represents thousands of Canadians with criminal records each year.

Using personalized Client Care support, an innovating 24/7 processing system, and RCMP fingerprint credibility, Pardon Applications of Canada offers applicants a “best possible” completed application before submission to the appropriate government board for review.  Additional value-added services include regular email, phone and website updates so applicants stay up-to-date on the status of their application at all times.

The Federal government recently made changes to the Criminal Record Act, including changing the name of a Canadian Pardon to “Record Suspension”. The name change may have been an attempt to better respect victims of crime, as the term ‘pardon’ might imply they are excused for their actions.   Whether you call it a ‘pardon or ‘record suspension’, the result is the same: your criminal record is no longer visible to the public.  A record suspension is your opportunity for a fresh start without the barriers imposed by a criminal record.

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"I didn’t realize the U.S. border had become so strict. Thank you for helping me attend my daughter’s wedding."

- Richard C. (actual client)

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