Pardon Fingerprint Steps

You must have an active 6-digit Account Number with Pardon Applications of Canada to proceed with Pardon fingerprints using the accredited consent forms & facilities below.  If you do not yet have a 6-digit Account Number, call 866-383-9744 to activate your Pardon file first.

The RCMP and some private facilities have temporarily suspended fingerprinting services due to COVID-19 concerns. Call ahead to ensure fingerprinting services are available.


The next step in your Pardon (Record Suspension) application process is to complete a set of Pardon fingerprints at an accredited facility near you. Once your fingerprints have been completed, they will be sent electronically to the Civil Fingerprint Screening Service (CFSS) in Ottawa (an RCMP head office), where a nationwide background check will be completed. This is required by law for your application.

Complete the following THREE (3) STEPS, in order:

STEP 1: Download & Print Pardon Fingerprint Consent Form

Fill out the date, your full name, sign & bring your completed Fingerprint Consent form to your fingerprinting facility or detachment. This form authorizes the CFSS to forward the results of your fingerprints directly to Pardon Applications of Canada, saving time in your application process.  NOTE:  Due to recent privacy laws, some facilities or detachments may not accept or use your fingerprint consent form, insisting that the results be mailed to you directly. That is fine. If you do receive your fingerprint results directly, you must mail the original documents to Pardon Applications of Canada, 440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200, Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7X6 to advance your application. Only original fingerprint documents can be used by Pardon Applications of Canada in the court & police stages of your application, down the road.

(If you are ALSO applying for a U.S. Waiver, Download & Print U.S. Waiver Fingerprint Consent Form as well. You will need BOTH consent forms).

Using the listings at the bottom of this page, click on your province to choose the closest or most convenient location.

What to Bring
1. Your Pardon Fingerprint Consent Form (and Waiver consent form, if also applying for a Waiver).

2. Two (2) pieces of valid (not expired) government issued identification (at least 1 must be a photo-ID);

3. Your fee, charged by the facility or detachment. Keep a copy of your receipt — you will need it for the next step.

If necessary, you may need to book an appointment. If you cannot find a listing close to you, contact your local RCMP or police detachment to find out if they offer digital “LIVESCAN” fingerprints for your application. There may be an option for you that is not registered in these listings. Or contact Client Care to research on your behalf.

You must submit a copy of your fingerprint payment receipt to Pardon Applications of Canada, to confirm completion of your fingerprints. Your receipt should show ALL of these items:

i) the date of fingerprinting;
ii) name of facility/detachment you attended;
iii) your total fingerprint payment.

You are also welcome to include any corrections in the fingerprints listings, or feedback on your experience at the facility/detachment. This may help Pardon Applications of Canada update the listings more efficiently, or provide feedback to the facility/detachment itself.  For example, a listing may be removed if you were not handled respectfully and professionally. Note that if your information leads to improving our listings, you may be issued a thank-you credit.

Choose your Receipt Submission method below, and write your 6-digit Account Number & full name on your receipt.

SCAN/EMAIL [email protected]
TEXT (Picture Message) 613-703-1958
Pardon Applications of Canada
ATTN: Client Care – Fingerprint Confirmation
440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON
K1R 7X6

Once your Receipt has been received and processed, your Pardon application will advance to next steps. Expect a detailed email update within 2-4 weeks.

Canada-Wide RCMP Fingerprint Accredited Facilities & Detachments.
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