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Open Letter from the CEO of Pardon Applications of Canada

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March 22, 2017

Hello. I wanted to write a letter to share more about who WE are at Pardon Applications of Canada, and address a frustration we experience.

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We often get confused for a entirely separate competitive service based in downtown Toronto, because our names are similar. And we get calls from people who have been taken advantage of or lost money on false promises from this and other competitive services. That is precisely WHY we started in 2011. Their poor service for YEARS opened the door for a credible player in the industry of helping Canadians and residents acquire a Pardon and/or US Waiver.

WE are Pardon Applications of Canada, a full-time Team of 15-20 assistants, paralegals & Officers serving more than 100,000 inquiries and application requests each year. We’re busy. We have offices in Ottawa & Scarborough, Vancouver, Edmonton & Montreal, but also serve applicants coast to coast via phone, email & mail. We worked hard to acquire an A+ Accreditation BBB rating with the BBB. It took 3 years to meet all their requirements. We have a 4.97/5 star approval rating on the BBB. And those are (or have been) REAL clients. We use only RCMP Accredited fingerprints in our process. We’ve helped thousands of Canadians and residents take an important step in their life, particularly for employment and travel.

Perhaps I sound defensive… that’s not my intention. I just wanted to share how important credibility and honoring service is to US at Pardon Applications of Canada. It’s something I’m proud of, especially in a challenging industry.

If you, or someone you know, has been taken advantage of or lost money unfairly to a competitive service regarding a Pardon and/or US Waiver, email myself & our management Team via or give us a call. We promise to listen and/or suggest options to help.

Thanks for the opportunity to share who WE are at Pardon Applications of Canada!

Chris Heringer
CEO, Pardon Applications of Canada